Recycling, or Shoot the damned Junkie with the Guns


This morning we came unto the street and saw that the town of Eureka had placed bright blue recycling bins in front of every downtown building. How goddamned cute. All around our bin was trash from the homeless. Cigarette butts, beer cans, an oblong pile of vomit nestled against a coil of dog shit.Trucks, giant redneck trucks roared past, a jet left its mark in the sky. I took my wife to work past thousands of cars. Cars and trucks and planes. I know many love their cars and trucks and love to take vacations. So what. Making people recycle  but not forcing them to walk,  to ride a bicycle, take public transportation is like making your daughter brush her teeth but doing nothing about her Coca Cola and Snickers diet, it’s like forcing a smoker to put away his butts but not put away his two pack habit.A junkie with an automatic, with grenades waltzing through the streets shrieking bloody murder and the police make him cover his pudenda. Effective? Cosmetically, yes. Realistically, no. The junkie needs to be shot. Shoot the junkie in yourself, do your progeny a favor and stop being a cuntox.


The person who denies climate change today is the panoptic village idiot of the Middle Ages, its the dullard in 1900 who still thought the earth was flat. That person has no need of clean air, or any air at all. May they be choked by a gaggle of thalidomide teens.


I agree with Pentti Linkola on many things, overpopulation is not one of them. Europe(including the diaspora) needs more people, not less. But, we need to close the borders. End all aid to foreign nations. And, we need to stop driving. Our people are obese, the glaciers are melting, we’re ruining the planet so we can live in relative ease and comfort. Fuck comfort. The fat must be forced to walk. Recycling does nothing but make us feel good about ourselves. We are still part of the animal kingdom. Watch a rat in his natural habitat, smell his urine, his body odor, see the feces, hear the gnashing of his little teeth—we are worse than that. Europe isn’t just her traditions, her glory, her past, her people. She is the land. The variegated land of Europe, the USA, Canada, Chile, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand made us who we are today. Ruin this and tomorrows children are ruined. A true conservative conserves—the radical liberal of today is the cretin who drives modern technology and feels good while doing so.A sane government would ban cars, increase the efficacy of train travel. Children would spend most of their day outside, tv would be banned. Recycling wouldnt be necessary because we wouldnt be consuming such shit in the first place. And, it is shit, my friends. Worse than mere shit. Shit breaks down, shit  assists life—-what modern man consumes today destroys man, destroys the planet, the body, the mind, the soul. See that fjord over there? In 30 years it will look like suburban Los Angeles. Your cosmetic surgery is doing nothing for the gaping sores all over your body.


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